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For Spanish, ESL and Bilingual educators and Administrators at every level

Creative Bridges for Language Learning Institute  is offering a unique hands-on/theory Spanish immersion program; fun-filled with unlimited exposure to language and culture, on a variety of topics of interest that embraces everyone of the aspects related to the Argentinean / Latino / Spanish culture  such as: Literature, Art, History, Music, Dance, Theater, and Films; beneficial to non-native/native  ESL, Bilingual Spanish educators at every level.


It is designed to enhance teaching practices.  Participants will learn innovative teaching strategies and how to create dynamic lessons that incorporate authentic culture into daily instruction based on their experiences.


All the sessions will be in the morning and every afternoon and evening, participants will be engaged in unique cultural learning opportunities and tourist/educational excursions.   Participant will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world!


It will be an invaluable educational experience for you and your school!  

June 27- July 12: For educators   that are interested in improving  their Spanish proficiency

The  first week : A daily theme is developed through different activities to acquire the language and the culture in an engaging and natural way.  Our fun, practical communicative approach to language acquisition, emphasizes using  the language in authentic situations.

Each day, the program threads a theme in order to acquire the language and the culture in a more comfortable and natural way. During the Spanish class sessions you will be learning the structural aspects of the Spanish language using a variety of creative materials and fun techniques.

The second week: see above for description

Bring "The Latin American Traveling Box" to your school/District and get a  $500.00-$1,000.00 scholarship


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