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    April 13-22, 2011

Join us!!!

We specialize in custom trips, designed to let you infuse yourself with the culture and the people from Buenos Aires

The trip is the right choice for those that :

*Enjoy meeting new people

* Want to be exposed to a new culture and language

*Want to live an exceptional urban Cultural adventure

The Goal:

*To provide women the ability to travel in the safety and comfort of a small group

 *To offer authentic experiences through a wide variety of scheduled, and optional  immersion cultural activities.

*To  help you discover, explore, enjoy  and  and have fun in one of the most beautiful cities in the world


Why Buenos Aires?

      Buenos Aires has a vigorous identity of its own; fostering a sophisticated citizenry that places high values on culture, tradition, and hospitality. The cosmopolitan nature of the Buenos Aires is ever-present in its international and passionate citizens,  the outdoor cafés, the artist in the streets, the hundreds of theaters, the dancers in the smoky tango bars, the innovative food, the excellent wines, the shopping districts, museums, galleries, and architecture to stunning natural wonders and a variety of landscapes that you will not find anywhere else.  An attractive individuality of each neighborhood where you will also find that traditions are preserved around every corner.

    Not quite Latin, not quite European, Buenos Aires is a fascinating world capital that immediately draws in its visitors and makes them fall in love with all its peculiarities