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Eclectic, cosmopolitan, simultaneously Latin and European, Buenos Aires is not just a city, but the melting pot of the most diverse cultures.

The city  has plenty of tourist attractions: monuments, churches, museums, art galleries and theaters; squares, parks and gardens; modern shopping malls and antique fairs;  regional restaurants and international cuisine; besides the ever-present enchantment tango brings.

Living in Buenos Aires, you are bound to feel the energy of the city. Buenos Aires has hundreds of cultural venues, you will always have something to
do,  is the  city that never sleeps.

Buenos Aires has always been an open-door city. Its inhabitants are called porteños, which makes reference to the fact that the city is a port.  Porteños are warm and hospitable

In the 19th. century, the port was the arrival point for the great migratory wave promoted by the Argentine State to populate the nation. Spanish, Italian, Syrian-Lebanese, Polish and Russian immigrants provided Buenos Aires with the cultural eclecticism that is so characteristic of the city.
During the 20th. century, successive immigrations - from the provinces, other Latin American countries and Eastern countries – completed the picture of Buenos Aires as a cosmopolitan city in which people with different cultures and religions live


Visiting Buenos Aires will allow you to get a deep insight into the city's historical evolution through its most emblematic neighborhoods, see special places which have become true icons of the city and discover the way of life and traditions of its inhabitants the seductive, cultural, intelectual, lively and confident world capital is unforgettable.