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Bring "The Latin American Culture" to your school/District

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Program 1: Spanish is Alive! Grade: K-6.

Typical audience is 250-300

We create a wonderful and interactive performance by combining storytelling, and Latin American dances: meringue, salsa, candombe, cranavalito and Cha Cha, giving students and teachers the opportunity to explore, appreciate, and enjoy Latin America's arts, culture and language. We use a good sense of humor, creativity and liveliness to transport students and teachers on a cultural journey

Program 2: The Caribbean's: 2 to 12 grade:

Three workshops a day can be scheduled no more than 60 students each.

Students will learn the basic rhythms and steps of Salsa, Merengue, and Cha-cha. These dances will help the students sample some leisure activities of the culture.   Enable the students to compare and contrast differences and similarities between music styles of Latin America culture. The box: Maps, music, history of the dances, instruments, videos, recipes, Photos and art work


Program 3: The Andes: Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina: Grade 2

Three workshops a day can be scheduled no more than 60 students each

Through the  music and dance of Carnavalito the students will understand how the Indians from Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina took the most important for them: their culture. The box: maps, photographs, slide presentations, clothing, recipes, music, video, instruments, art work, hands-on items


Program 4: Disappeared: 9-12.   

One presentation, No more than 300 students.

A multimedia assembly about the Disappeared.

 Between 1973 and 1983 - In battles against political dissidents, the Military governments of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Guatemala, and Nicaragua developed a strategy aimed not only at eliminating opposition but also at terrorizing the population at largeThe Disappeared pose fundamental questions about human nature and the capability within each of us to commit unspeakable acts of terror--questions that resonate today, we continue to live in a world plagued by recurrences of crimes against humanity.  The box: Books, documents, movies, documentary, music, poetry, photos, news papers, articles. CDs with web-related newsreel footage and speeches.

Program 5: Immigrants from Argentina and USA: Grades 7-12

  Three workshops a day can be scheduled no more than 60 students each

Participant will learn how the tango was created and the relationship with: the immigrants from Argentina and USA, through its dances, music and the lyrics. The Tango was developed in a melting pot of cultures that was Buenos Aires. It transmits the dramatics of the European immigrants, who left their countries and their lives to adopt a new one in South America.  We believe that use of such materials will foster a "hands on" appreciation of the history of the immigrant in Argentina and USA. The Box: Photos, lyrics, videos, and historical documents, recipes, art work, and hands-on items.

Grades 8-12 : Three programs: $ 1,500.00. Get a  $500.00 Scholarship

Grades 2-7: Three programs: $ 1,500.00Get a  $500.00 Scholarship

Plus travel fees