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Cearive Bridges of Laguage Learning
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Connections Dance Theater is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation, based in Lawrenceville, New Jersey founded in 1998.

CDT is committed to serving the community with innovative high quality arts programs that have become CDTs main mission.

It is the specific purpose of CDT to use the Performing Arts and Cultures to bring people together, to promote understanding and share common experiences through performances and educational programs.

CDT offers an innovative educational/cultural program drawing upon specific curriculum interest. Our programs are designed to introduce students to a new language of self-expression, with the large goal of building self-confidence and developing specific learning skills transferable to a variety of academic disciplines.

Why "Learning Languages Through the Performing Arts"?

The Arts Education Partnership has conducted several research projects about the impact of learning through the arts. These findings explore both cognitive and emotional outcomes for students. In particular, the performing arts are wonderful instruments for language instruction because they engage the whole person in verbal and nonverbal multi-sensory ways of self-expression and communication. Students become active, self-motivated constructors of meaning and, therefore, lifelong learners.

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