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 Workshops and Artist-in-residence programs:


Our carefully crafted programs enrich every school curriculum, encourage awareness, appreciation and respect for different cultures and backgrounds. It provide students and teachers with excitement, interactivity, education, and entertainment.

Creative Bridges to Latin America Culture, Let’s Dance our Story

This program combines storytelling and Latin American dances: tango, meringue, salsa, candombe, cranavalito and samba, giving students and teachers the opportunity to explore, appreciate, and enjoy Latin America's arts, culture and language. A final performance to invite community and parents could be organize



Single: $500.00– Five days residency: $2,500.00

Plus travel fees



A residency that introduces students to the culture of Latin America through dance and music. Creative Bridges provides hands-on workshops to teach Latin American music, dance and culture. Students will be taught the fundamental rhythms and steps of Salsa, Merengue, Cha-cha and Carnavalito


Single: $500.00 – 5 days residency: $2,500.00


Plus travel fees


Disappeared: 9-12 grade

One presentation, No more than 300 students. A multimedia assembly about the Disappeared.  Between 1973 and 1983 -  In battles against political dissidents, the governments of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Guatemala, and Nicaragua developed a strategy aimed not only at eliminating opposition but also at terrorizing the population at large


The Disappeared pose fundamental questions about human nature and the capability within each of us to commit unspeakable acts of terror--questions that resonate today, we continue to live in a world plagued by recurrences of crimes against humanity.