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We carry your students into a magical and unforgettable world of arts, culture and enjoyment! We create a wonderful and interactive performances by combining storytelling and Latin American dances: meringue, salsa, Canavalito and  Cha Cha, giving students and teachers the opportunity to explore, appreciate, and enjoy  Latin America's arts, culture and language. We use good sense of humor, creativity and liveliness to transport students and teachers on a cultural journey.

Price: Single $600.00, back to back $1,000.00, plus travel fees

The Caribbean's- Bailemos: Grades 1-16

The show is a panorama of Caribbean culture through music, dance and  culture from Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. These dances will enable the students to compare and contrast differences and similarities between music and Dance styles.

Price: Single $600.00, back to back $1,000.00, plus travel fees


Latin Performance- Traveling through Latin America . Grades K-16 (Grant doesn't apply) 

The show is a panorama of Latin music traveling through Cuba, Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The goal is to show how diverse the world of Latin music is, it's differences, and similarities.   Includes instrument demonstrations and cultural facts about the origins of Latin music as well as audience participation.      

Price: Single $1,300.00, back to back $1,900.00, plus travel fees

Disappeared: Grades 9-16  

A multimedia assembly about the Disappeared. Between 1973 and 1983 - In battles against political dissidents, the governments of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Guatemala, and Nicaragua developed a strategy aimed not only at eliminating opposition but also at terrorizing the population at large

The Disappeared pose fundamental questions about human nature and the capability within each of us to commit unspeakable acts of terror--questions that resonate today, we continue to live in a world plagued by recurrences of crimes against humanity.


Price: Single $600.00, back to back $1,000.00, plus travel fees

Programs are 45 minute  long.

Typical audience is 250-300

Try block-booking or packeges and save!! 

Programs can be tailored to themes or different ages/populations.



A first step to booking an program with Creative Bridges Institute is to give us a call or email us and let’s discuss how creative Bridges Institute can make a difference in your school/ University. We pride ourselves on approaching each Institution and each educator as an individual.

Individual artists, performance ensembles and specific programs are available on a first-come first-served basis. In order to book the teaching artist or performer of your choice, please schedule early.

Please contact us