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"You have put together exhilarating arts-in-education programs that teach cross culture and language acquisition while giving young people an exuberant experience in dance and theater. We acknowledge your unusual ability to get young people to reach across the personal and cultural divides and recognize the terrific entrepreneurial quality of the work you are doing in supporting the professional development of teachers.

"David Grant, Executive Director, Geraldine R. Dodge foundation


"Very creative, innovative, enlighten and practical workshop!!"

Jocelyn Libertarls, Bronton Public Schools


"It is difficult to imagine an ESL, World Language or Language Arts classroom that would not be enriched through Mrs. Attar  work. There is a place in her program for all students. Students who are lucky enough to work with her will be changed in a wonderful way by the experience. Any school or school district  that invite Mrs. Attar to work with the students will be providing them with a gift that will last a lifetime"

Clair Ranson, Chairperson, Language Arts, New Brunswick Public Schools


"Fabulous! I wanted to run back to school and try these techniques! Liliana really brought the program to life, SHE IS WONDERFUL!!!"

Linda Epstain, Moriah School, NJ


"I have been fortunate enough to work with Liliana Attar on two occasions.  Not only the students enjoy themselves but they are also left feelings forever marked by this experience. I look forward to implementing other such programs in the years to come!"

Jennifer Rivera, Lawrence Public Schools, NJ


"Thank you once again for your high-quality presentation. The activities you designed were very well-thought showing creativeness, excellent content, and applicability to the classroom level"

Carolina Belalcazar, Yale University


"This is awesome. Something that will motivate my students to learn!!"

Melissa Almonte, Silvermine Elementary


"I really enjoyed the whole session, Liliana is a very inspiring teacher. Thanks!!"

Pistu Downey, Bank St.School for Children


"It was amazing to me to actually experience the difference between purely theoretical and experiential learning, putting language together together with movement and music, will be a useful tool in my program"

Nadin Stensland, West Belmar School.


" Excellent ideas for  humanistic teaching and community building in Language Education"

Luisa Athanasakos, Colonial HS


"The most beneficial workshop within the last two days of this conference"

Antoinette Teller, St. Michael, NY


"I was so inspired, it was the most amazing educational and cultural experience. Un monton de gracias!!" Melanie Pores, NY


"Liliana, the teachers raved about your workshop! They said it was the best workshop we have in a long time, so thank you!!"

MaryAnn Mena, Atlantic City School District 


"This was by far my favorite workshop. Liliana is so energetic; she kept us on our thousand in full attention from beginning to end. It is clear she must be an excellent teacher. It was impressive how much vocabulary she incorporated while having us interact rather then using text book materials. This workshop will make a very good addition to my curriculum. I plan on using her method religiously. THANKS SO MUCH!!"

Isadora Machado, New Covan Country School, CT