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Creating a multicultural classroom: Pre-K-4 grade Educators

The workshop helps  educators design fun and effective programs, changing regular stories to stories that reflect and values of the students’ culture(s). 

Schools today reflect the growing diversity of our country. Since culture is woven into the language, we cannot separate language from the culture. It is important to make sure each child's culture and language has a place in the classroom community.

 Using a web curriculum-planning format, the activities, culture and target language are interrelated through storytelling, drama, fine arts, music and dance.

Engaging students in verbal and non-verbal multi-sensory ways of self-expression and communication, the arts are used to enhance academics, build community, and provide a multicultural environment.

Total Spanish Immersion Program. We bring Latin America to youFor Pre K-6 / 7-16  Spanish Educators

 We offer stimulating seminars in a Spanish-speaking environment for Spanish educators, on a variety of topics of interest to teachers who want to bring the culture of Latin America into their classrooms and improve their Spanish for use with their students and their families. TSIP includes courses that embrace every one of the aspects related to Latin American cultures, such as: Literature, Art, History, Music, Dance, Theater, Films, etc.

Total Immersion: Effective Thematic Teaching, K-16 World Language, Bilingual and ESL Educators

In this workshop participants will develop skills to incorporate a variety of language concepts into topics that are fun, interesting, and worthy of study.  This hands-on/theory workshop will provide participants with eight different potential pathways to learn, and will help them define the best possible practices of teaching and thinking in language instruction. Participants will learn how to integrate storytelling, music, theater, and dance into activities that give students a reason to use the language and motivate them to learn.

Effective Early  Language Learning Programs, Pre K-6 World Language, Bilingual and ESL Educators

These hands on activity based/multimedia presentation will outline and model a wide range of lesson planning ideas. The presenter will illustrate how to design fun and effective pre-K/ 6 lesson plans. Such lesson plans will integrate different intelligence types and learning styles that are designed to implement an effective second language learning program. 

Teacher/students workshop, Effective Early Language Programs: Making Connections 

CBT methodology uses the performing arts as potent instrument for language instruction. It presents a whole language platform through Storytelling, drama, music, dance, songs, make believe and art, that will provide tools to the educators to design fun and effective pre-K-6 lesson plans.

Such lesson plans uses a web curriculum planning  format, the activities and the target language are interrelated using the students' prior knowledge and personal experience allowing them to make connections, tie new information to existing knowledge, and  integrate different intelligence types and learning styles that are designed to aid in the implementation or improvement of a second language learning program. Teachers will have the opportunity to re energize themselves, gain experiences, reinforce and develop tools to create their own programs.

1- Five hours workshop that will outline and model a wide range of lesson planning ideas

2- We provide 20-30 minutes a day models of our methodology in each class of teacher/student interaction.  Students will be immersing in the language through dance, music, make believe and storytelling.Participant teachers will have the opportunity to participates students and observe how we implement our teaching techniques with their own students. Through careful modeling and coaching, teachers will become clearer about the skills, learning, participating and understandings of our  methodology.

 - Consultation: One hour consultation six month after the initial workshop.




One hour and a half $ 700.00, plus travel fees.

Three hours 3 hours: $ 1,000.00, plus travel fees.

Five hours $ 1,600.00 plus travel fees.